Alicante Pharmacy

Alicante Pharmacy

San Mateo is your pharmacy in Alicante. We have our own laboratory for the preparation of magistral formulas and blood tests, in addition to an Orthopaedics service, crutches and wheelchair rental, etc. Our goal is your complete satisfaction and to assist you at all times because your health is our priority.  We're waiting for you!

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Calle San Mateo, 24, 03013 Alicante 


965 20 18 69 | 601 10 93 50 


We are a neighbourhood pharmacy, as they say, ‘we’ve been around forever’. We have been in the pharmaceutical sector for over 50 years, improving daily to offer you the best service. We love our work and it is reflected in our relationship with our customers. For us, it will always be a pleasure to serve and assist you in solving all your problems.

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Pharmacy Services in Alicante

Clinical Analyses - Alicante Pharmacy

Clinical Analyses

In our clinical analysis laboratory, we perform blood extractions and special tests such as food intolerance tests and sex determination during pregnancy. We work with insurance companies.

Magistral Formulation - Alicante Pharmacy

Magistral Formulation

We have our own laboratory for the preparation of magistral formulas, always with a prescription, adapted to each specific patient.  

Cosmetics - Alicante Pharmacy


We have a specialised professional team and the most exclusive cosmetics brands such as Caudalíe, Avéne, Atache and many more. In addition, we have our own brand, GSM: good for your skin and easy on your pocket.

Hygiene - Alicante Pharmacy


For your daily care, we offer a wide range of products for both women and men in oral hygiene, body, hair care, foot care and anything else you may need.

Natural Health - Alicante Pharmacy

Natural Health

We are committed to natural products, which is why we have a wide range of natural alternative solutions, with fewer adverse effects, such as phytotherapy and homeopathy.

Nutrition and Dietetics - Alicante Pharmacy

Nutrition and Dietetics

We will help you meet your goals, whether it's losing weight, improving your physical performance or simply improving your quality of life. Our nutritionist will advise you at all times!

Earrings for Babies - Alicante Pharmacy

Earrings for Babies

We pierce ears quickly and safely thanks to the Inverness system, with pre-sterilised, hypoallergenic earring capsules to prevent contamination.

Baby Care - Alicante Pharmacy

Baby Care

A baby's early years are fundamental to both their physical and emotional development. At San Mateo Pharmacy, we have all you need for this important stage. In addition, we create Birth Registries.